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About a year ago, a story came to Peggy and asked to be written. She had no idea how special this story was, and she began drawing the characters, then painting the characters with watercolor. She found a peace inside the story. The book was called “Crowing Love”.

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Crowing Love

Peggy Aue


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The book was done, and Peggy had no idea what to do next.She began brainstorming with her long time friend Carmen, who was also a writer at heart. Carmen introduced Peggy to Edith Werkman, who had 4 journals handwritten, starting in 1936 and ending at present time. Carmen and Peggy felt that Edith’s story was an important story to be heard “The Book of Edith” written by Edith Werkman is now available!

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The Book of Edith

Written by Edith …


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Now they had 2 book projects to promote. The ladies wanted more, an ongoing project to commit to for one year. The idea behind the weekly blog posts on Emotion and Logic is to find a formula for happiness, when applied to human relationships, more specifically intimate relationships. One blog post (Logic) is set up like an informative lesson plan, whereas Emotion (as the 2nd weekly posting) is set up to inform on a case by case example. Peggy did not feel that this was enough. The idea needed more dynamics, but kept to the simple formula. Carmen, passionate about the idea, offered to begin writing from her human perspective.

The Mission Statement:

Crowing Love Publications was established to support incredible stories about attachment within relationships, with some history and science thrown in for fun.

We discuss relationships.

We laugh at ourselves.

We promote books about human life and their attachments and philosophy.

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